Introducing CallPay- An innovative Phone call application with branding features that allows the user to earn money. Receive monthly payments* right into your wallet or bank account.




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About CallPay

Technology has made Digital media, the most potent form of marketing. Even traditional channels are changing towards digitalization and that emphasizes its importance in today’s modern-day marketing strategies.

CallPay is globally the first of its kind phone calling application that marries digital marketing to create AI enabled and cost-effective media platform. It is one of the only applications, that rewards the user with money for permitting to display ads on the phone screen.

In other words, we would be renting the User’s smartphone screen for branding and paying for it on a per ad/ per day format, but on a monthly basis. Unlike other applications, ads are a rewarding feature on CallPay and not a disturbing element.

How does CallPay work

CallPay is a smartphone application that manages the incoming and outgoing calls on your device. The user can then earn real cash via UPI, either in any Wallet or directly into the individual’s bank account.

The application uses the community data to generated content and has features of caller identification, call blocking, flash messaging etc. other than the basic ability of making or receiving calls. It requires the user to provide basic information like Name, mobile number, e-mail id, location, date of birth, UPI address, Pin Code and gender to register.

Once registered, the user has to give a default permission to the application for managing calls and allow access to contacts list and send flash messages. It does not collect any passwords or access any Credit Card information.

Benefits of Using CallPay

An impactful and extended reach for your marketing campaign through CallPay means Value for your Money. The benefits include:

  • Hyperlocal marketing Campaigns through PIN codes.
  • Extended reach and better visibility.
  • Verified and NO Junk userbase.
  • Cost effective.
  • Whole day multiple times Ad visibility
  • Effective and efficient customer targeting
  • Faster and increased engagement.
  • Link to connect the user to the brand website.
  • User monetization
  • Analytics

App Features

  • User friendly and responsive interface.
  • Favorites, recent calls and contacts features.
  • Call block and delete functionalities.
  • Add to contacts and edit option.
  • Call conferencing, mute and hold.
  • Personalization of app features in settings.
  • Connecting to social media account like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

About Us

CallPay was founded in Mumbai, India in 2023 by Shaji Thomas. The application is launched currently for Android in over 700 cities in India and aims to reach a user base of over 1 million in the FY 2023-2024.

There are over 750 million smartphone users in India. All of these users are target clients for some or the other company. From wanting to sell a 1-rupee mouth freshener to a car worth million, every brand wants to connect with their customer directly, in the cheapest possible manner.

CallPay aims to build an effective Digital Marketing Platform, which will help brands to market their product with AI enabled marketing campaigns. We aim to bring down branding expenses of companies by replacing expensive hoarding, newspaper ads and even newspaper inserts by bringing the communication, right on the screen of every individual’s smartphone.


Currently it is only available for Android.

Go to play store application and search CallPay. Confirm the app with the Logo and install. Open once installed and you are good to go after filling the registration details.

Name, Mail id, phone number, location, pin code number, date of birth and UPI.

Access to contacts, messages, camera, microphone.



You get paid for every new Ad that you see for both incoming and outgoing calls. Every new ad per day per user on monthly basis.

You can write to us from the support tab in the about section of the application.

Yes. We have taken all safety measures as per the regulations of TRAI and Google and we are liable to ensure maximum security to the user data.


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Connect with us and we will enable your business to reach more people and build a larger customer base, faster and in a cost effective manner, than any other traditional marketing method.

Use CallPay to increase your brand awareness and brand recognition through our verified Pan India presence.

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